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What are Promotional Products?

Promotional Products cover a diverse range of items that are predominantly categorised into Apparel, Gifts and Headwear.

By branding these physical items with a unique logo or message an advertiser creates a powerful marketing tool that is engaging for the consumer on many levels. This form of advertising creates a memorable customer experience and delivers a high rate of brand awareness and recall among consumers.

In today’s competitive landscape, Promotional Products offer an excellent choice to advertisers who are faced with a multitude of contemporary and traditional marketing strategies, some of which have become incredibly expensive. Promotional Products allow your customers to interact with your brand and research* has shown that Promotional Products are ranked as the most highly regarded form of advertising. 86% of Promotional Product recipients recall the advertiser, 83% are more likely to do business with the brand, 81% keep the Promotional Product for more than a year and over 53% use the Promotional Product at least once a week.
It’s simple – Promotional Products Work.

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute © 2019

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